Maxillary Ameloblastic Carcinoma

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R Koul, A Binahmed, A Dubey, R Nason, AL Cooke

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:32-4

Odontogenic carcinomas of the maxilla are classified as malignant ameloblastoma, ameloblastic carcinoma, or primary intraosseous carcinoma. The term ameloblastic carcinoma is used to describe those ameloblastomas in which there is histological evidence of malignancy in the primary, recurrent, or metastatic tumour. The maxilla is an unusual site for ameloblastoma. This report is of a patient with an ameloblastoma of the maxilla with an unusual multiphasic histological pattern. Treatment consisted of right subtotal maxillectomy and ipsilateral modified radical neck dissection, free-flap reconstruction, followed by postoperative adjuvant external beam radiation. A literature review describing clinical and histological presentation of this rare tumour is presented.