All manuscripts submitted to the Hong Kong Journal of Radiology (HKJR) are subject to double-blind peer review (except editorials and letters to the Editor, which are reviewed internally).

Invitation to review

Individuals invited to review articles for HKJR must have sufficient expertise in the area of research to evaluate the originality, scientific content, conclusions, and importance of the research. Reviewers are required to respond to the review request and to complete the review by the deadline (typically within 2-3 weeks). Reviewers should decline the review if they have any reason to think they cannot deliver an objective review within the timeframe given.

Conflicts of Interest

Reviewers must disclose any potential financial or personal conflicts of interest relating to the study.

Online review process

HKJR uses an online peer review platform, HKAMedTrack. Once your review is complete, please use this platform to respond to some questions and submit your comments for the Editors.

Comments for the authors

In addition to responding to the questions on the online form, please provide thorough comments for the authors in 3 parts:

  1. Summary: Provide a summary of the manuscript in your own words, highlighting the aims and purpose of the study, the conclusions, and novelty and importance of the work to the field.
  2. Main points: Provide some key points of interest. Reviewer comments should be objective, acknowledging positive aspects of the material under review, as well as identifying negative aspects constructively, and indicating areas for improvement. Reviewers should explain and support their judgement clearly enough that editors and authors can understand the basis of the comments.
  3. Minor points: All manuscripts are copyedited after acceptance, so please do not comment on matters of English grammar or style. However, comments on aspects that the copyeditor might overlook, such as missing references, misused or uncommon terminology, or unclear descriptions of procedures, are welcomed.

Comments for the Editor (confidential)

Do not copy the review comments here. This an additional section for comments for the Editors that will be considered confidential and not shared with the authors. Reviewers should use this space to disclose any potential financial conflicts of interest. The manuscript will be blinded, but if you suspect that one or more authors is a collaborator or direct competitor, this should also be disclosed here.


Material under review should not be shared or discussed with anyone outside the review process unless approved by the editor. Reviewers should not retain copies of submitted manuscripts and should not use the knowledge of their content for any purpose unrelated to the peer review process.