Decubital Ischaemic Fasciitis: a Rare Pseudosarcoma

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CK So, OC Li, SK Kei, MK Yuen

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:122-6

This report is of a patient with decubital ischaemic fasciitis. A 64-year-old woman presented with a right buttock mass for 1 month. She had a past history of a malignant fibrous histiocytoma at the right forearm, which had been treated. Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging of the buttock lesion showed a subcutaneous mass near the bony prominence of the anterior superior iliac spine. The lesion contained blood products and fat tissue. Contrast enhancement was noted and a well-preserved fat plane was present between the lesion and the underlying iliotibial band. The diagnosis was confirmed by excisional biopsy. The magnetic resonance imaging features of this lesion are not well described in the literature and the sonographic appearance of this lesion has not been described. Decubital ischaemic fasciitis can simulate soft tissue sarcoma, both clinically and pathologically. It is therefore important to recognise the imaging features to avert a misdiagnosis of sarcoma.





這份報告是描述一個患有褥瘡缺血性筋膜炎的病人。這病人是一位患有右臀部腫塊一個月的64歲女 子。她曾經患有一個右前臂惡性纖維性組織細胞瘤, 後來已被治癒。超聲波掃描及磁共振成像顯示一 個皮下腫塊位於右愘前上棘附近。病灶內包含血塊和脂肪組織。病灶顯示顯影增強以及一層保存完 好的脂肪位於病灶與髂脛帶之間。切除性活組織檢查證實了診斷。這種病變的磁共振成像特徵在醫 學文獻中沒有詳細的描述,而超聲波掃描的特徵更是從未提及。於臨床和病理檢查中,褥瘡缺血性 筋膜炎可以模擬惡性軟組織肉瘤。因此,必須認識褥瘡缺血性筋膜炎的影像特徵,以避免誤診惡性 軟組織肉瘤。