Mesenteric Phlebosclerosis — Features on Plain Radiograph and Computed Tomography Scan

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KY Kwok, SSM Lo, HS Fung, TW Fan, WK Wong

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:136-8

Mesenteric phlebosclerosis is also known as phlebosclerotic colitis. Mesenteric phlebosclerosis is a rare disease related to non–thrombotic stenosis or occlusion of mesenteric veins, which can lead to subsequent ischaemic colitis. This report presents the relevant radiological features in a Chinese adult with mesenteric phlebosclerosis. The clinical and pathological aspects of this entity are also discussed.





腸系膜靜脈硬化是一種罕見的疾病。此現象是由於非凝血性的腸系膜靜脈堵塞,繼而引起缺血性腸 炎。本文章描述一位華藉成年男性患上腸系膜靜脈硬化之狀況,並就其臨床、放射醫學及病理學之 特徵作出討論。