Coats’ Disease Mimicking Retinoblastoma in a Three-year-old Boy with Known Acute Lymphoid Leukaemia

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DD Rasalkar, WCW Chu, BK Paunipagar

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:178-81

Coats’ disease and retinoblastoma are the two common types of orbital pathology in young children. These two conditions are prognostically different but have overlapping imaging features. We present a case of proven Coats’ disease to illustrate the specific imaging features, which can help the readers differentiate it from retinoblastoma. This report is supplemented by a literature review.



一名三歲急性淋巴白血病男患者出現疑似視網膜母細胞瘤的Coats滲出性 視網膜炎

DD Rasalkar、朱昭穎、BK Paunipagar

Coats滲出性視網膜炎和視網膜母細胞瘤是常見於兒童的兩種眼部疾病。雖然它們的預後不同,卻有 類似的放射醫學影像特徵。本文以一宗確診Coats滲出性視網膜炎病例報告,描述其放射醫學影像的 特性,從而區分它跟視網膜母細胞瘤不同之處,並輔以文獻回顧作補充分析。