Heavily Mineralised Malignant Synovial Sarcoma Mimicking a Benign Extraskeletal Chondroma

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HT Tam, WH Ng, KC Wong, JF Griffith

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:174-7

A 15-year-old boy presented with a 6-month history of painful wrist swelling. Radiographs, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a heavily calcified extra-osseous soft tissue mass considered to be a benign chondroma. In view of the heavy calcification, the patient proceeded directly for excisional rather than percutaneous biopsy. The final diagnosis was synovial sarcoma. The pertinent imaging features of this lesion and its differential diagnosis are reviewed.





一名15歲男孩出現手腕疼痛及腫脹的症狀6個月。X光、電腦斷層、磁共振均顯示病人有嚴重鈣化 的骨外軟組織腫塊,遂被診斷為良性軟骨瘤。由於有嚴重鈣化的情況,於是替病人進行切除式切 片,而非經皮穿刺活檢。最終的診斷為滑膜肉瘤。本文會探討有關此病症的影像學特徵及鑒別診斷。