Inadvertent Perithrombus Deployment of OptEase Vena Cava Filter: Use of Double-filter Technique for Pulmonary Embolism Protection during Retrieval of Malpositioned Filter

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U Pua

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:166-9

We describe a patient with inadvertent perithrombus deployment of an inferior vena cava filter and illustrate the use of the double-filter technique in affording pulmonary embolism protection during retrieval of the malpositioned filter.



錯誤放置OptEase靜脈濾器的個案:取出錯位濾器時使用雙重過濾器來防 止肺動脈栓塞

U Pua

本文報告一名因靜脈血栓而需放置OptEase濾器的病人。濾器被錯誤放置,後把它取出時使用雙重過 濾器的方法來防止肺動脈栓塞。