One-stop Breast Imaging Service in Hong Kong

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JYH Hui, AXN Lo, AWS Au Yeung, MKW Yang, SWW Chan, SH Lam, NWF Yuen, JCS Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:147-53

Objective: To evaluate potential benefits and patient acceptance of the one-stop breast imaging service in a regional hospital in Hong Kong.

Methods: A total of 87 patients referred from the new-case surgical breast clinic for one-stop breast imaging were prospectively evaluated. Patient satisfaction and acceptance of the service were also assessed.

Results: For the 25 patients diagnosed to have breast cancer during the study period, the median time from the first surgical visit to surgery was 34 days, significantly shorter than that of historical controls (48 days) [p < 0.001]. Of the 87 patients, 82 (94%) thought that the one-stop breast imaging service should be provided at the same location as the surgical breast clinic and 67 (77%) agreed the service would benefit other patients and should be extended to other hospitals.

Conclusion: The one-stop imaging service is important for both patient care and decreasing the unnecessary workload of hospital staff.






方法:前瞻性評估共87位由乳房外科診所轉介接受一站式乳房造影的新症病人,並評估病人對此服 務的滿意程度及認受性。

結果:研究期間共25位病人被診斷有乳癌,她們從首次造訪至接受手術的時間中位數為34天,比歷史 對照組(48天)明顯短(P<0.001)。87位病人中,82位(94%)認為一站式乳房造影服務應和乳房外 科診所設立在同一地方,67位(77%)同意類似服務會為其他病人帶來好處,並應推廣至其他醫院。

結論:一站式乳房造影服務不但在病人醫護方面扮演很重要角色,並能減省醫院員工不必要的工 作。