Retroperitoneal Intramuscular Haemangioma: Imaging Features

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HA Hassan, SA Hamid

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;13:23-5

Retroperitoneal intramuscular haemangiomas are quite rare. Interruption of the muscle layer by intramuscular cavernous haemangioma raised the suspicion of a soft tissue sarcoma. We discuss the radiological characteristics of a haemangioma compared to soft tissue sarcoma.




HA Hassan, SA Hamid

腹膜後肌內血管瘤很罕見。肌內海綿狀血管瘤引致的肌肉層中斷會被懷疑是軟組織肉瘤。本文對比 軟組織肉瘤,討論血管瘤的影像學特徵。