Left-sided Torsion of the Greater Omentum

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EMF Wong, SYJ Ka, WK Chau, P Tsui

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;13:154-7

Torsion of the greater omentum is rare and is known to occur more often on the right side. We present an even rarer case of left-sided omental torsion, which was proven surgically and pathologically. Computed tomography showed the characteristic Whirl sign, which consists of concentric hyperdense circular lines. The twisted vasculature within the “Whirl” can be traced back to the gastroepiploic vessels, which supply the greater omentum. The radiological differential diagnosis of omental torsion is discussed.





大網膜扭轉很少見,大多數病例發生在右面。本文報告一宗非常罕見,經外科和病理確診的左側大 網膜扭轉病例。電腦斷層造影顯示此病症典型的旋渦徵象,其內有同心高密度環形線條。旋渦徵中 扭曲的血管可追溯至胃網膜血管,這些血管供應大網膜。本文同時討論大網膜扭轉的鑒別診斷。