Lymphangiomatosis: a Wide Spectrum of Disease

GC Gan, ML Wastie

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;13:222-5

Lymphangiomatosis is a systemic disorder that can affect any organ system that contains lymphatics, including bones and soft tissues, resulting in a wide range of clinical and radiological manifestations. This report highlights lymphangiomatosis in a 29-year-old woman with both soft tissue and skeletal involvement. She gave a history of limb fractures but presented with left hypochondrial pain and imaging revealed multicystic lesions in the spleen. She had a splenectomy and its histology revealed lymphangiomatosis. Computed tomography scan revealed lucent lesions in her bones. As the presence of lucent bony lesions and visceral involvement can mimic a malignancy with bony metastases, lymphangiomatosis needs to be considered in the differential diagnosis, especially owing to the presence of lucent bone lesions with visceral involvement and chylous ascites.




GC Gan、ML Wastie