Resolution of Pulmonary Metastases after Surgical Removal of Clear Cell Meningioma

A Dubey, HI Chalchal, M Salim, R Koul

Hong Kong J Radiol 2011;14:29-34

We report a rare instance of complete resolution of pulmonary metastatic lesions after gross total resection of a clear cell meningioma. This case showed that clear cell meningioma could metastasise to the lungs and that complete excision of the primary tumour resulted in resolution of the metastatic lesions, which is a phenomenon that has never been reported in the literature.

A 25-year-old man presented with clear cell meningioma involving right parasagittal area. After incomplete resection of the primary tumour, he developed multiple bilateral pulmonary metastases and the anaemia of chronic disease. The metastatic lesions were confirmed by open biopsy to be from the clear cell meningioma. Following complete excision of the primary brain lesion, all the pulmonary metastatic lesions underwent spontaneous resolution and the patient has been free of disease for the last five years. Systemic spread of the tumour and later spontaneous resolution of metastatic lesions after complete removal of the primary suggests that aggressive local control of primary lesions should be attempted whenever possible.




A Dubey、HI Chalchal、M Salim、R Koul