Redundant Nerve Roots of the Cauda Equina Associated with Lumbar Spinal Arachnoid Cyst

SWV Chan, R Lee, MT Chau

Hong Kong J Radiol 2011;14:113-7

A patient with redundant nerve roots of the cauda equina associated with the presence of an intra-spinal arachnoid cyst is described. She presented with sensory, motor and sphincter dysfunction. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed redundant nerve roots manifesting as serpiginous structures within the thecal sac. Marked improvement of symptoms was noted after laminectomy. The serpiginous appearance of the nerve roots persisted postoperatively despite good decompression of the spine. The clinical and radiological presentation, aetiology, and treatment will be discussed.





本文報告一宗與椎管內蛛網膜囊腫相關的馬尾神經根鬆弛症。病人呈感覺、運動及括約肌障礙。磁 共振影像顯示神經根鬆弛在硬膜囊內成匐行狀結構。病人接受椎板切除術後,病情明顯好轉。脊柱 減壓術成功完成後,病人神經根匐行狀結構依然存在。本文討論有關此症的臨床及放射特徵,以及 病因及治療方法。