Fibrolipomatous Hamartoma of Tibial Nerve and Its Musculoskeletal Associations

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KS Tse, KC Lai, LF Chiu, KH Lai, MK Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2011;14:183-9

Fibrolipomatous hamartoma is a rare condition caused by hypertrophy of mature fat and fibroblasts in the epineurium, resulting in fibrofatty infiltration and an enlarged peripheral nerve. The median nerve is most commonly affected, in which case it can be associated with macrodactyly and macrodystrophia lipomatosa, characterised by nerve territory-oriented macrodactyly as well as increased fat deposition in the subcutaneous tissue and soft tissues. Our objective was to describe the pathognomonic magnetic resonance imaging findings of this condition in an uncommon location, namely the tibial nerve, and highlight its associated musculoskeletal anomalies, namely macrodactyly, polydactyly, and syndactyly.





纖維脂肪瘤性錯構瘤是指在神經外膜上成熟脂肪細胞和纖維母細胞增生的一種罕見情況,形成纖維 脂肪組織浸潤神經外膜,並導致受累的周圍神經增粗。最普遍受影響的是正中神經,受累神經可併 發巨指和脂瘤性營養異常性巨大發育。常見情況包括病人出現受累神經分布區域的巨指,以及皮下 組織和軟組織有大量脂肪積聚。本文描述的病例出現在罕見的脛神經位置,我們探討其特殊的磁共 振影像及相關的骨骼肌肉異常,即巨指、多指和併指。