Multi-detector Computed Tomography of Spleen

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R Botchu, B Rao, R Tyagi, Y Griffin

Hong Kong J Radiol 2011;14:249-61

Multi-detector computed tomography has become a vital tool in imaging of the spleen. We present a pictorial review of multi-detector computed tomography imaging features of the normal spleen, its anatomic variants, and when it is affected by pathology. We strongly feel that awareness of normal and anatomical variants is essential to avoid mislabelling these as pathological. The classical features of traumatic, infective, haematological and malignant conditions involving the spleen are also presented.




R Botchu, B Rao, R Tyagi, Y Griffin

多層螺旋多切面電腦斷層成像(MDCT)已成為檢查脾臟的一個相當重要的影像學工具。本文回顧 脾臟正常表現和解剖先天變異,以及它在病理情況下MDCT影像學特徵。我們認為只有認識正常和 天生變異的脾臟影像學特徵,才可以避免誤把這些影像當作是病理診斷。本文亦展示牽涉脾臟的創 傷、感染、血液學及腫瘤學疾病的典型MDCT特徵。