Sonography of Baker’s Cyst (Popliteal Cyst): the Typical and Atypical Features

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JPK Tsang, MK Yuen

Hong Kong J Radiol 2011;14:200-6

Baker’s cyst (Popliteal cyst) is an abnormal distension of the gastrocnemius-semimembranosus bursa, which is a commonly encountered condition in sonographic knee examinations. A cystic lesion extending between the tendons of semimembranosus and the medial head of gastrocnemius remains the key to diagnosis. However, a variety of normal appearances and pathologies may constitute uncommon or even relatively rare manifestations of Baker’s cysts on sonography, and leads to diagnostic confusion. The variety of sonographic appearances and differential diagnosis of Baker’s cyst are described in this review, so as to allow a better appreciation of the sonographic appearances of Baker’s cysts and facilitate a more definitive diagnosis.





本膕窩囊腫又名Baker囊腫,是膕窩深部滑囊腫大的現象,在膝超聲檢查中很普遍。診斷憑據為半膜 肌肌腱與腓腸肌內側頭觀察到囊性病變。此病的症狀表現及病理很多樣化,部分在超聲上為罕見或 甚為少見的膕窩囊腫表現,引致診斷困難。本文回顧膕窩囊腫在超聲影像中的特徵及其鑒別診斷, 讓醫生對此病有更多理解,從而達成更明確的診斷。