Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Clinical Practice, Techniques, and Challenges in Local Chinese Population

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JWC Wai, JLF Chiu, TS To, KH Lai, CW Siu, KY Kwok, SCH Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2012;15:50-6

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy and the third most common cause of cancer death in Hong Kong women. Ultrasound imaging and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging are useful adjuncts to mammography. The advantage of breast magnetic resonance imaging is its high sensitivity for invasive breast cancer. Therefore indications for and use of breast magnetic resonance imaging have increased over the past decade. In this article, we illustrate the current protocol for dynamic contrast-enhanced breast magnetic resonance imaging in our centre, by reference to cases with different indications for such imaging. We also review the common artefacts and pitfalls in breast magnetic resonance imaging. Contrast-enhanced breast magnetic resonance imaging is a powerful imaging modality for breast diseases. An awareness of proper technique, potential pitfalls, and artefacts is critical to achieving accurate image interpretation. When breast magnetic resonance imaging is performed with the required technical finesse and in the appropriate clinical setting, it is a highly sensitive and reasonably specific means of detecting breast cancer.





乳癌是最常見的惡性腫瘤,亦是香港婦女第三大最常見的癌症死因。超聲及增強磁共振造影均為乳 房攝影檢查的輔助性工具。對於侵襲性乳癌,乳房磁共振造影的優點是有高敏感度,因此這技術在 過去十年間被廣泛應用。本文根據過往不同的病例,展示本中心使用動態增強乳房磁共振造影的常 規,並探討有關乳房磁共振造影常見的圖像偽差及陷阱。增強乳房磁共振造影是很有效果的一種成 像方法。只有認識正確的技術操控以及圖像偽差的可能性和陷阱,才可以達到準確的圖像闡釋。在 適當的臨床環境中正確運用乳房磁共振造影,是一種高敏感度及特異性可靠的偵察檢出乳癌方法。