Fracture of Calcaneal Spur

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M Esmadi, H Ahsan, DS Ahmad

Hong Kong J Radiol 2012;15:244-6

Calcaneal spurs are bony outgrowths of the calcaneus that are common findings on radiographic examination of the foot and ankle. Calcaneal spurs can develop on the plantar tuberosity and extend across the whole width of the calcaneus. Calcaneal spurs are a frequent cause of plantar heel pain, but can be incidentally detected in asymptomatic patients. Fracture of the calcaneal spur is very rare. We report on a 32-year-old woman who presented with heel pain after accidentally slipping and landing on her right heel. Radiograph of her foot showed a fractured calcaneal spur. She was successfully treated with a conservative approach.




M Esmadi, H Ahsan, DS Ahmad

跟骨刺為跟骨上的骨贅,為足與踝關節X線檢查的常見發現。跟骨刺可以在足底的跟骨結節上生長 並延伸出跟骨全寬。跟骨刺是足跟痛的一個常見病因,但亦可以偶爾在無病徵的病人身上發現。跟 骨刺的骨折更為罕見。本文報告一名32歲女性不慎滑倒用右腳跟着地後出現足跟痛。病人的X光片 顯示其跟骨刺有骨折,後來病人保守治療成功。