Localised Ureteric Amyloidosis Mimicking Urothelial Tumour

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VKP Fung, MF Wong, WK Kan, WS Lau, CK Tai

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:129-34

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1413192

Amyloidosis is a pathological process characterised by extracellular deposition of fibrillar protein. Systemic amyloidosis with multiple organ involvement is more common than localised amyloidosis. Localised amyloid deposition in the urinary tract is uncommon and isolated involvement of the ureter and renal pelvis is a rare presentation of this uncommon disease. Primary localised amyloidosis of the renal pelvis and ureter can closely resemble malignancy in its presentation, ureteroscopic appearance, and imaging features. This report is of two patients with primary localised amyloidosis involving the renal pelvis and ureter. Both patients first presented with haematuria with loin pain and urothelial tumour was suspected. Diagnosis was only made by histological analysis. In this article, important aspects of the clinical and imaging findings are discussed and the literature is reviewed.