Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Adenolymphoma (Warthin's Tumour) of the Parotid Gland

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AK Yadav, CC Xia, YF Peng, HD Shao, XZ Gang

Hong Kong J Radiol 2015;18:27-36

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414262

Objective: To characterise the computed tomography / magnetic resonance imaging (CT/MRI) features to diagnose adenolymphoma (Warthin’s tumour).

Methods: Between February 2008 and December 2012, CT/MRI scans of consecutive patients referred for suspected parotid tumours were performed before surgery or fine-needle aspiration cytology. All patients underwent surgery and samples were sent for pathological confirmation of the diagnosis. Their CT/MRI scans with pathologically proven Warthin’s tumours were reviewed.

Results: All of the 17 patients in the study were men, and aged between 43 and 86 years (mean, 65 years). All the patients initially presented with gradually increasing painless masses, with duration of symptoms ranging from 1 month to 120 months (mean, 61 months). Two patients were found to have bilateral Warthin’s tumour, nine had a left-sided Warthin’s tumour, and six had a right-sided Warthin’s tumour.

Conclusion: The CT/MRI findings were helpful in distinguishing these benign lesions from other parotid gland tumours when biopsy results are non-diagnostic. Further studies are needed to assess the positive predictive value of the imaging features.




AK Yadav、夏琛琛、彭屹峰、邵鴻達、鋼熊炸