Imaging Appearances of Breast Disorders During Pregnancy and Lactation

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P Chatpitanrut, P Kongmebhol, M Muttarak

Hong Kong J Radiol 2015;18:160-8

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1514244

Tumours or disorders affecting the breasts in pregnant or lactating women are usually similar to those occurring in non-pregnant women, but some lesions are unique to pregnancy and lactation such as lactating adenomas and galactoceles. During pregnancy and lactation, breasts change due to increasing hormone levels, which may make breast evaluation difficult. It is crucial to differentiate malignancy from benign breast lesions for proper management. Therefore, the appropriate investigation of breast complaints, and knowledge of breast disorders and their imaging spectrum during pregnancy and lactation are essential to provide the correct diagnosis.




P Chatpitanrut, P Kongmebhol, M Muttarak