Radiotherapy for Polymorphous Low-grade Adenocarcinoma of the Head and Neck

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D Begosh-Mayne, A Holtzman, RJ Amdur, P Dziegielewski, WM Mendenhall

Hong Kong J Radiol 2018;21:121-3

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1816419

Objective: To review the clinical course and outcome of patients who underwent radiotherapy (RT) for polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma (PLGA) of the head and neck.
Methods: Medical records of patients who underwent RT for PLGA of the head and neck at our institution between June 1993 and March 2013 were reviewed.
Results: Two men and two women aged 43 to 76 years who underwent primary (n = 1) or postoperative (n = 3) RT for PLGA of the oropharynx (n = 2) or oral cavity (n = 2) were reviewed. Three patients underwent resection and postoperative RT, and one patient with a hard palate tumour involving the pterygoid plate underwent RT alone. Intensity-modulated RT (n = 2) or 3-dimensional RT (n = 2) was performed with dose ranging from 60 to 79.2 Gy in 30 fractions once daily (n = 1) to 60-66 fractions twice daily (n = 3). Patients were followed up for 13 months to 9.5 years. Disease-free local control was achieved in those three patients with both surgery and postoperative RT. The patient treated with RT alone had recurrence and subsequently died of disease progression. No patient developed severe acute or late treatment-related toxicity.
Conclusion: Postoperative RT may improve local control of PLGA in patients with close or positive margins after surgery.


Author affiliation(s):
D Begosh-Mayne, A Holtzman, RJ Amdur, P Dziegielewski, WM Mendenhall: Department of Radiation Oncology, College of Medicine, University of Florida, Florida, United States





D Begosh-Mayne, A Holtzman, RJ Amdur, P Dziegielewski, WM Mendenhall


結果:回顧分析兩男兩女年齡43至76歲接受根治性(n = 1)或術後(n = 3)放療治療口咽(n = 2)或口腔(n = 2)PLGA的患者。三名患者接受切除手術及術後放射治療,另一名患有翼狀板硬腭腫瘤的患者僅接受放療治療。調強放療(n = 2)或三維放療(n = 2)以30份每日一次(n = 1)至60-66份每日兩次(n = 3)進行;總劑量為60至79.2 Gy。患者隨訪期為13個月至9.5年。3名接受手術和術後放療的患者實現了無病局部控制。僅接受放療治療的患者3個月後出現復發,最終因病情惡化死亡。沒有患者發生嚴重急性或晚期治療相關中毒。