Management of a Non-deflating Foley Catheter During Hysterosalpingography Using Ultrasound Guidance

Y Wong, LWC Ho, WK Tso

Hong Kong J Radiol 2001;4:164-5

Foley catheters are often used during hysterosalpingography examinations for the purpose of delivering contrast. Among the list of complications with hysterosalpingography, however, the problem of a non-deflating Foley catheter balloon is rarely described. Potential factors predisposing to nondeflating balloons include faulty catheter balloon valves and the use of inflating fluids, such as saline that may crystallize and allow debris to block the balloon channel.1 We describe an incident of non-deflating Foley catheter during a hysterosalpingography examination and the use of a guide wire to dislodge the debris blocking the balloon port under ultrasound guidance.