Choledochol Cysts: a Variety of Imaging Presentations in Adults

WH Luk, EPY Fung, TKL Loke, JCS Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2004;7:154-9

Choledochal cyst is a rare entity usually presenting in infancy; hence, the literature on adult choledochal cyst is scarce. This article reviews findings of choledochal cysts in 31 adult patients who presented to the United Christian Hospital between 1997 and 2002, and discusses choledochal cyst presentations, imaging features, and complications. The literature on choledochal cyst in adults is also reviewed, and findings are compared with those for infantile choledochal cyst. Adult patients with choledochal cysts have distinct presentations when compared with those of paediatric patients. Various imaging modalities, sometimes in combination, are useful to achieve the definitive diagnosis and to identify related complications of choledochal cyst.