Vol. 11 No. 3, 2008

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Endovascular Management of Iatrogenic Renal Vascular Injuries Complicating Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy: Role of Renal Angiography and Superselective Coil Embolisation

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TJ Tan, HS Teh, U Pua, SH Ho

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:103-7

Objective: To describe the use of renal angiography in the detection of renal vascular injuries following percutaneous nephrolithotripsy and to assess the efficacy of endovascular management of these complications.

Audit of Ultrasonography for Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis: a Retrospective Study

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HS Fung, S Lau, JCW Siu, CM Chan, SCH Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:108-11

Objective: To determine the utility and accuracy of ultrasonography for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

Methods: In this retrospective study, 242 of 286 patients undergoing ultrasonography of the appendix from 1 June 2006 to 31

Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Protocol-driven Barium Enema Performed by Radiographers

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CM Chu, WH Ng, DYW Siu, WK Li, PSF Lee

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:112-5

Objective: To assess the cost-effectiveness of protocol-driven barium enema performed by radiographers compared with that performed by radiologists.

Methods: This was a retrospective review of 248 consecutive patients


Five Patients with Gliosarcoma

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R Koul, P Tai, A Dubey

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:116-21

Gliosarcoma is a rare primary malignancy of the central nervous system, classified by the World Health Organization as a high-grade glioma and a variant of glioblastoma multiforme. This report is of 5 patients with gliosarcoma, with emphasis on the pathology and

Nasal Neurilemmoma in a Patient with Neuroibromatosis 2

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HS Fung, PWY Lam, TK Tsang, WK Wong, CW Siu, CM Chan, KW Tang, YL Cheung

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:122-5

Neurilemmoma (schwannoma) is a benign peripheral nerve sheath tumour that rarely occurs in the nasal cavity. Lesions that present in the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity account for approximately 4% of head and neck neurilemmomas. In patients with a known

Fire-eater Pneumonitis: Silent Aspiration and Spontaneous Resolution

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YK Cheung, KK Lau, X Li

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:126-8

A 15-year-old street entertainer inadvertently and unknowingly aspirated a small volume of liquid hydrocarbon fuel during a fire breathing performance. Two days later, he developed pleuritic chest pain, fever, and vomiting. A chest radiograph revealed airspace

Bilateral Congenital Hypoplasia of the Internal Carotid Arteries

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N Lath, M Taneja

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:129-31

Bilateral congenital hypoplasia of the internal carotid arteries, terminating distally as ophthalmic arteries, was found in a 20-year-old man during investigation for intracranial haemorrhage. The magnetic resonance imaging and digital subtraction angiography findings of


Ectopic Pregnancy

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N Murthy, A Bhat, A Kalyanpur

Hong Kong J Radiol 2008;11:132-7

This essay describes the different ultrasonographic features of ruptured and non-ruptured ectopic gestation in beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin–positive women with a history of vaginal bleeding.