Vol. 17 No. 4, 2014

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Efficacy of Acrylamido Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel Microspheres for Uterine Artery Embolisation for Leiomyoma

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WM Wong, FSK Chu, WK Tso

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:228-33

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414229

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of acrylamido polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel microspheres (A-PVAM) for uterine artery embolisation for leiomyoma in our centre in Hong Kong.

Methods: This retrospective study

Diagnosis of Acute Bowel Ischaemia: Which Computed Tomography Finding Should We Trust?

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VYK To, WL Poon, CY Lee, WS Wan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:234-9

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414240

Objective: To determine which computed tomography (CT) findings correlate most with acute bowel ischaemia.

Methods: This cross-sectional study included patients attending the Tuen Mun Hospital, Hong Kong between July 2005 and July 2011 who fulfilled one of the following criteria:

How to Differentiate Inactive from Active Disease in Patients of Primary Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis with Persistent Cavity after Anti-tuberculous Therapy

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SH Kim, JH Min, JY Lee

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:240-6

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1413228

Objective: To determine how to differentiate inactive from active disease in patients with primary multidrug-resistant tuberculosis who have a persistent cavity after completing treatment.

Methods: We evaluated computed tomography findings to determine activity of

Percutaneous Endovascular Intervention in Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis: Long-term Outcome in the Chinese Population

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PPY Lui, PSF Lee, HKY Tam, RKL Lee, LWY Chan, JHY Leung, CM Chu

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:247-54

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414233

Objective: To assess the technical success and long-term outcome in Chinese patients with transplant renal artery stenosis (TRAS) after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), with or without stenting.

Methods: A retrospective review of 44 consecutive PTA (with or without stenting) in 35 patients

Five-year Treatment Outcomes for Stage II to III Rectal Cancer in a Single Cancer Institution

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KC Lee, ATY Chang, ALY Law, LK Chan, HYS Cheung, WT Ng

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:255-66

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414235

Objective: This study aimed to find out the survival and recurrence rates following curative treatments for stage II and III rectal adenocarcinoma.

Methods: Between 1 January 2002 and 31 December 2007,


Liver Abscess Caused by a Foreign Body: Management by Minimally Invasive Ultrasound-guided Drainage

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VWT Chan, WK Wong, SKY Kwok, KW Tang

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:267-70

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1413226

Complications of foreign body ingestion are infrequently encountered in clinical practice. Less than 100 cases of liver abscess formed secondary to foreign body penetration of the stomach have been reported in

Inflammatory Fibroid Polyps Causing Intussusception in Adult Patients: Two Case Reports and Review of Literature Focusing on Radiological Features

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CY Lee, MK Yuen

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:271-6

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1413216

Inflammatory fibroid polyp is a rare benign lesion originating from the submucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Inflammatory fibroid polyp in the small bowel commonly presents with intussusception and bowel obstruction.

Computed Tomography Detection of Schistosomal Appendicitis

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DCW Tang, THT Sung, MW Lam, SCS Cheng

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:277-80

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414249

Schistosomiasis is the second most prevalent parasitic disease worldwide, which is rarely reported in developed countries like Hong Kong. We report a case of schistosomal appendicitis in a 79-year-old male presenting

Posterior Cranial Fossa Neurenteric Cyst with Malignant Transformation

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JB Chiang, SSM Lo, LC Ho, CM Chan, WL Poon, KW Tang, YL Cheung

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:281-4

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1413223

Neurenteric cyst is a notably rare epithelium-lined cystic lesion found in the central nervous system. Malignant transformation of the neurenteric cyst is infrequent, with only six cases reported in the English literature.


Aortic Root Anatomy and Diagnosis of Pathological Conditions by Multidetector Computed Tomography

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WK Tsang, A Li, YC Wong

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:285-92

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1413197

Multidetector (MD) cardiac computed tomography (CT) imaging has emerging use in the assessment of the anatomy and function of the heart. Apart from its established role in the evaluation of the coronary arteries,


Insertion of Inferior Vena Cava Filter Prior to Removal of Prolonged Indwelling Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Catheters

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YS Luk, KH Fung, KW Leung

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:293-6

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414241

Venous thromboembolism and pulmonary embolism are potentially fatal complications that could occur after extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Prophylactic insertion of inferior vena cava filters prior


Haemorrhagic Complication of Mandibular Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Controlled by Endovascular Embolisation

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BKH Lee, CY Chu, KW Leung, JLS Khoo

Hong Kong J Radiol 2014;17:e15-9

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1414232

Mandibular metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma is rarely seen. Since the first case reported in 1957, only about 70 cases have been reported. To the best of our knowledge, only two cases presenting with acute