Radiation Dosimetry in Selective Internal Radiation Treatment in Patients with Portosystemic Shunts to Umbilical Veins

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WH Ma, S Ng, WY Ho, M Law, VHF Lee, KK Wong, WK Tso

Hong Kong J Radiol 2016;19:137-40

DOI: 10.12809/hkjr1615351

Tc-99m macroaggregate albumin (MAA) scintigraphy was routinely used to estimate the hepatopulmonary shunt prior to Yttrium-90 microsphere therapy. Visualisation of the recanalised umbilical vein / falciform artery in the breakthrough scan was not uncommon. Most centres believe that it is safe to proceed to selective internal radiation treatment with or without prophylactic embolisation based on clinical experience. This report aimed to calculate the patient-specific skin dosimetry based on the MAA single-photon emission computed tomography / computed tomography images and estimate the effect on skin after radioembolisation in patients with MAA uptake in recanalised umbilical vein.