Vol. 6, No. 2, 2003

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Upright, Weight-bearing, Dynamic-kinetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spine—Review of the First Clinical Results

JR Jinkins, JS Dworkin, CA Green, JF Greenhalgh, M Gianni, M Gelbien, RB Wolf, J Damadian, RV Damadian

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:55-74

Magnetic resonance imaging has, until recently, been limited to scans with patients in the recumbent position. However, a new fully open magnetic resonance imaging unit has been configured to allow upright, partially upright, and recumbent imaging, enabling weight-bearing positional evaluation


Oral Health and Quality of Life Following Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

AS McMillan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:75-7

Aim: To describe the oral health condition and its psychosocial and functional impact among disease-free patients following radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Patients and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma who remained disease-free more than 1 year post-radiotherapy,


Audit of Attendance for Scheduled Breast Imaging Examinations

TYY Wong, ALM Pang, WCW Chu, M Choi, WWM Lam

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:78-80

Aim: Audit performed to ascertain the attendance rate and the reasons for non-attendance for scheduled breast imaging.

Patients and Methods: The number of defaulters scheduled for breast examinations during mid-May to mid-June 2002 was recorded. All defaulters were approached for

Association of Post-irradiation Temporal Lobe Necrosis and Extra-cranial Carotid Stenosis in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

WWM Lam, SF Leung, KH Liu, KS Wong

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:81-5

Aim: To ascertain whether temporal lobe necrosis and extracranial carotid stenosis as long-term complications of radiation are associated.

Patients and Methods: Ninety two patients underwent colour doppler ultrasound examinations for the assessment of carotid artery and cross sectional imaging of

Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Protocol Driven Intravenous Urogram Performed by Radiographers

WH Ng, PSF Lee, HCA Chan, H Chun

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:86-9

Aim: To assess the cost-effectiveness of protocol driven intravenous urogram performed by radiographers compared with that performed with a radiologist overseeing the whole examination (non-protocol driven intravenous urogram).

Patients and Methods: 200 patients were randomly selected between December 2001 to


Vascular Complications of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in Young Chinese Adults

WH Luk, EPY Fung, K Wang, JCS Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:90-3

Arterial dissection is uncommon in young adults and there are usually underlying causes. This report describes 2 young patients with vascular complications after trivial injury who were diagnosed to have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. One patient died while the other remains in

Retroperitoneal Lymphangioma in an Adult

IYF Chan, J Khoo

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:94-6

Retroperitoneal lymphangioma is a rare benign congenital malformation of lymphatic channels. This report is of a 51-year-old man with an incidental finding of retroperitoneal lymphangioma.

Intra-abdominal Desmoid Tumour

KKT Lai, YYR Chan, HCE Chan, CWA Chin

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:97-9

A patient with a rapidly growing post-traumatic intra-abdominal desmoid tumour is presented. Although desmoid is classified pathologically as a benign tumour, its infiltrative nature leads to a locally aggressive mass with a high recurrence rate after surgical treatment. In view


Computed Tomography of Anterior Mediastinal Masses

S Lau, WH Yeung, WH Kwan, CS Cheng, HS Lam

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:100-6

Anterior mediastinal masses have diverse origins and aetiologies. Correct diagnosis requires a logical and practical strategy, recruiting as much clinical and radiological information as possible. Computed tomography is a common imaging modality for evaluating mediastinal lesions and can often offer


Superselective Arterial Angiography and Embolization for Post-traumatic Priapism

N Al-Nakshabandi, S Lingawi, L Marchinkow, PL Munk, C Morris, G Legiehn, S Ho

Hong Kong J Radiol 2003;6:107-10

Superselective arterial angiography and embolization for post-traumatic priapism is an established procedure for the control of priapism refractory to conservative measures and medication. For the pre-procedure assessment, cavernosal aspiration of blood is used to measure oxygen. Doppler ultrasound could be