Vol. 12 No. 4, 2010

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One-stop Breast Imaging Service in Hong Kong

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JYH Hui, AXN Lo, AWS Au Yeung, MKW Yang, SWW Chan, SH Lam, NWF Yuen, JCS Chan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:147-53

Objective: To evaluate potential benefits and patient acceptance of the one-stop breast imaging service in a regional hospital in Hong Kong.

Methods: A total of 87 patients referred from the new-case surgical breast clinic for one-stop breast imaging were prospectively

Better Technology But Similar Outcomes: Lessons from the University of Florida Experience with Primary Radiotherapy for Early-stage Cervix Cancer

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TJ Galloway, RJ Amdur, CG Morris, AR Yeung, WM Mendenhall

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:154-61

Objective: To determine if the use of more complex technology in the form of 3-dimensional treatment planning improved outcomes after primary radiotherapy for early-stage cervical cancer.


Spinal Subdural Enhancement Mimicking Metastases Following Suboccipital Craniotomy

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DD Rasalkar, WCW Chu, DYW Siu, BK Paunipagar, HT Wong, XL Zhu

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:162-5

A 14-month-old boy underwent suboccipital craniotomy for cerebellar tumour. Magnetic resonance screening of the spine a day after the craniotomy revealed striking spinal subdural enhancement in the thoraco-lumbar region. The differential diagnosis included

Inadvertent Perithrombus Deployment of OptEase Vena Cava Filter: Use of Double-filter Technique for Pulmonary Embolism Protection during Retrieval of Malpositioned Filter

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U Pua

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:166-9

We describe a patient with inadvertent perithrombus deployment of an inferior vena cava filter and illustrate the use of the double-filter technique in affording pulmonary embolism protection during retrieval of the malpositioned filter.

Interruption of Pulmonary Artery

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KY Kwok, SSM Lo, TK Tsang, TW Fan, TL Kwan

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:170-3

Congenital interruption of the pulmonary artery is a rare condition. We present a case of isolated interruption of the right pulmonary artery in a young girl and a case of interruption of the left pulmonary artery associated with Tetralogy of Fallot in an adult male. The

Heavily Mineralised Malignant Synovial Sarcoma Mimicking a Benign Extraskeletal Chondroma

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HT Tam, WH Ng, KC Wong, JF Griffith

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:174-7

A 15-year-old boy presented with a 6-month history of painful wrist swelling. Radiographs, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a heavily calcified extra-osseous soft tissue mass considered to be a benign chondroma. In view of the

Coats’ Disease Mimicking Retinoblastoma in a Three-year-old Boy with Known Acute Lymphoid Leukaemia

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DD Rasalkar, WCW Chu, BK Paunipagar

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:178-81

Coats’ disease and retinoblastoma are the two common types of orbital pathology in young children. These two conditions are prognostically different but have overlapping imaging features. We present a case of proven Coats’ disease to illustrate the specific

Unilateral Arteriovenous Malformation Associated with Moyamoya Disease

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PD Chan, K Rahmat, N Ramli, KA Kadir

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:182-5

The presence of moyamoya disease with a brain arteriovenous malformation is extremely rare. The high incidence of morbidity in such cases suggests that this combination of features confers an ominous outlook, whilst the association between these two entities remains

Unilateral Twin Ectopic Pregnancy

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M George, S Nadarajah, CL Ong

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:186-9

Unilateral twin ectopic pregnancy is a rare condition and only about 100 cases have been reported in the literature. In this article, we present a case of twin ectopic pregnancy in the left fallopian tube. A 38-year-old woman who had in-vitro fertilisation came to our

A Large Pontine Capillary Telangiectasia Detected by Susceptibility-weighted Imaging But Inconspicuous on Diffusionweighted Imaging

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HKAK Sadana, TA Lim

Hong Kong J Radiol 2010;12:190-3

A case of symptomatic pontine capillary telangiectasia detected by susceptibility-weighted imaging is reported. The lesion was inconspicuous on diffusion-weighted imaging. To our knowledge there is only limited literature emphasising the diagnostic utility of